Four of Bulgaria’s finest singers will share the stage for the first time at Plovdiv Jazz Fest. Four ladies sing jazz will fascinate the audience with a masterful set by Hilda Kazasyan, Mira Katsarova, Beloslava and Andronia Popova-Roni. Each of the four vocalists has her own distinctive musical expression and performance style, well known to Bulgarian fans.

Mira, Roni, Hilda and Beloslava have each selected a few of their favorite jazz tunes, which were then arranged by Hristo Yotsov to bring new inspiration to the famous and loved pieces. Vesselin Vesselinov-Eko, Miroslav Turiiski, Hristo Yotsov and a few guest musicians will play along with the four ladies, with the special .

The truly special closing moment of the show will be Mira, Roni, Hilda and Beloslava performing one song together.