Four ladies sing Bossa Nova

In 2015 Plovdiv Jazz Fest inspired and initiated a musical collaboration which brought together for the first time Hilda Kazasyan, Mira Katsarova, Beloslava and Andronia Popova – Roni.

The Four Ladies will share the stage once again this year, only this time they will sing bossa nova. This year festival is focused on Latino jazz – that’s why Beloslava, Hilda, Mira and Roni will dedicate the opening night of Plovdiv Jazz Fest 2016 to the music of Brazil. On stage they will be accompanied by Miroslav Turiyski, Hristo Yotsov, Vesselin Vesselinov-Eco, as well as the special guests Nikolay Karageorgiev, Mladen Dimitrov and the child-prodigy of percussion, Tsonyo Tsvetkov. The Four Ladies will present their favorite bossa nova tunes in original musical arrangements, and knowing the four distinguished soloists on stage, some duets are also bound to happen. Of course, the show will be closed with a song, sung by all Four Ladies together. The magic of bossa nova is surely a great start for Plovdiv Jazz Fest 2016.