1 november, BEE BOP CAFÉ, 23:00
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Miroslav Turiyski – keyboard
Nikolay Karageorgiev – guitar
Hristo Yotsov – drums
Special guest – Dimitar Liolev – saxophone

This project was created in 2016 on the idea of Hristo Yotsov, who attracted two of the most prominent musicians of Bulgaria – Miroslav Turiyski and Nikolay Karageorgiev. After many concerts in the country, they made their first album Next Step in 2019 with the special participation of the famous saxophonist Dimitar Liolev.

Typical of the band’s sound is the use of “left-handed bass” and bass pedals at the keyboard. Their style can be defined as fusion in a very wide range, making improvisation a central point. The songs are original, written specifically for the project and are composed by Miroslav Turiyski and Hristo Yotsov.